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Vespa, WIP
Ok, this project have been neglected for enough time. I'm going to finish it soon. More...

Sunday afternoon project. I have the original renders missing, so back to the "render farm". MORE...

Ford 32
This is one of my favourite projects. However, I think it needs a new set of shaders. More...

Model name of this house is "Luonnotar". It's manufactured by Älvsby houses MORE...

TV Set
This little web project never saw it coming: it was used for a Danish short movie poster. MORE...

New stuff
Making new renders. Collages maybe nice, but I want to show more of the workflow. So, I'm adding more pics.

I changed the way the works are displayed, excluding few ones. Now they are like collages. I think they're better.

Aww Yiss
Everything seems to be working now. But I think I should take another look at the way the works are shown.

I'm going to open a Shop section where I tell how some of my projects were done.

Site logo
CSS embedded site logo finally functions as a link to the index page.